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A comprehensive, focused program for students desiring to improve their academic performance at The University of Tampa

STEP UP is a comprehensive and focused program of personal and academic skill development for students who may be struggling academically and want to achieve a higher level of academic performance. Students may elect to participate in the program while others may accept the recommendation of a faculty member or an advisor to join.

STEP UP consists of specially designed courses and coaching integrated with the student’s chosen degree program of study. In addition to providing students with group and individual support services, STEP UP provides students with the opportunity to improve their GPA and demonstrate their ability and desire to be academically successful at the University. Since STEP UP overlays a student’s chosen program of study, the skills developed in the program can be immediately applied to course work required for degree completion. So, there is no lost time due to taking remediation courses. 


The STEP UP program is open to all undergraduate, degree-seeking UT students, except seniors, upon approval of the professor of ASK 205.

Program Specifics

STEP UP admits students each Summer I term. Students successfully completing the Summer I courses are automatically registered in the 1-credit-hour course in the immediately following fall semester. The program requirements are shown in detail below. For more information on registering for summer courses, go to the SUMMER page.

Summer I Term
  Credits Grading Description Payment/Cost

ASK 205



Advanced Academic Skills
No pre- or co-requisite.
Must take with ASK 205L.
Students with senior standing are not eligible. All other students must receive instructor permission for registration.
This course covers the development and application of personal and academic skill sets that are taught at a higher level of rigor and intensity than ASK 100. The objective for the course is to have students recognize the importance of their role in their own college success and to provide them with appropriate tools to achieve success. A holistic approach to success puts the emphasis on the student, not the skill, so students enrolled in this course will:

  • Learn to accept personal responsibility,
  • Discover self-motivation and self-awareness,
  • Set realistic and obtainable goals,
  • Think as a critical thinker,
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence, and
  • Become a life-long learner.

The course utilizes exercises, journaling and seminar style discussion in an intensive skill development curriculum delivered face-to-face in the classroom.
Students are expected to attain a C or better in this course to be considered successful in the program. 

Summer per credit hour rate
ASK 205L 1 S/U Advanced Academic Skills Lab I
No pre- or co-requisite.
Must take with and be enrolled in ASK 205.
This course compliments ASK 205 by providing student-specific counseling and one-on-one and/or group support meetings along with assigned exercises. The primary objective of this lab is to monitor the student's progress in his/her academic course and provide positive reinforcement to the student based on the ASK 205 objectives.
STEP UP students must receive a 'satisfactory' to be considered successful in the STEP UP program.
Summer per credit hour rate
  3-4 Graded Students must take a scheduled Summer I course that meets requirements of the student's selected degree program. The student's academic advisor should be consulted on selection of the course. A course that will be used for 'grade forgiveness' is allowed. STEP UP students are expected to attain a C or better in this course to be considered successful in the program. Summer per credit hour rate
Following Fall Semester
  Credits Grading Description Payment/Cost
ASK 215L 1 S/U Advanced Academic Skills Lab II
Pre-requisite: ASK 205L (Students completing ASK 205L in the summer are automatically enrolled.)
This course compliments and serves as a follow-up to ASK 205/205L.
The objective of ASK 215L is to assist the student in successfully transitioning to a 'normal' academic environment through application of the skills learned in ASK 205/205L. Each student is assigned a trained mentor coach by AEP per established and approved procedures. The student's coach, in consultation with the student, will develop a plan of action for the semester. The point of coaching is to hold the student accountable for his/her own ongoing success.
STEP UP students must receive a 'satisfactory' to be considered successful in the STEP UP program.
Full time: included in 12-18 credit hour rate

Part time:
Per-credit hour rate

Program Cost

There are no special fees associated with the STEP UP program, but students in the program are expected to pay the standard tuition rate for the courses they take as a part of the program. Credits earned by satisfactorily completing these courses apply toward degree completion.

Courses taken in the summer are charged at the current rate per credit hour, and it is expected the course taken in the following fall semester will fit in the student’s 12-18 credit hour range, thus incurring no additional financial obligation. Students receiving financial aid and planning to join STEP UP should consult with their financial aid advisor to plan their aid package accordingly. 


STEP UP is entirely voluntary, so students interested in joining the program must register for the Summer I courses, ASK 205 and ASK 205L, in addition to a course of the student’s choosing in his/her program of study for degree completion. Admission to ASK 205/205L is by permission of the instructor, so interested students should contact the Academic Excellence Programs office, in the Academic Success Center, to seek approval. Students who have been recommended to STEP UP by a faculty advisor or faculty committee should provide evidence of this recommendation to AEP. AEP will provide a ‘course authorization’ via SpartanWeb for those students approved for admission to the program and the courses. Students successfully completing the Summer I part of STEP UP will be automatically registered in the fall course, ASK 215L.

Contact Information

Additional information can be obtained by contacting:

Academic Excellence Programs
Phone: (813) 257-5757
AEP is located in the Academic Success Center in North Walker Hall (#61 on campus map)