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The Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts offers a comprehensive and rigorous approach to one of our most popular and compelling art forms. The program provides a blend of theory, technique and business sense, producing graduates well prepared to enter the industry as professional filmmakers and artists, not merely technicians. Students take courses in film history, ethics, aesthetics and theory and then apply the concepts they've learned in writing, shooting, directing and editing their own films. Blending “story” with “technology,” students examine critical perspectives and practice implementing techniques in traditional 16 mm film and emerging digital formats.

FMA majors have many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to gain hands-on experience and real-world knowledge of the industry. Students work on film projects locally and around the country and participate in internships at small production companies and large movie studios, alike. The program also brings in leading industry professionals to give students an insider's view of the business. It also features a travel course that takes students to the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Students have access to state-of-the-art cameras, production and post-production facilities, and industry standard editing software. Facilities also include two surround-sound screening rooms, a black box studio for three-camera TV production, a TV control room, an audio edit suite and foley room, a video and film production lab, 3-D printing facilities, and a digital arts and 3-D animation lab.

Topics of Study

  • screenwriting
  • cinematography
  • directing
  • producing
  • editing
  • promotion and distribution
  • cinema studies

Film and Media Arts Minor - For the minor in film and media arts, students may choose an emphasis on production or studies. See the course catalog for more details.


Between the individualized attention in the classroom and the freedom to customize your degree, you get everything you need to graduate with the right set of skills."

— Kristin Anger ’15, film and media arts major, Delta Kappa Alpha president