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Inquiry in the First-Year Experience

  • Faculty apply to teach sections of 20 students. Faculty who teach inquiry sections are eligible to receive an additional stipend ($1,000 for the year).
  • The faculty member introduces the students to his or her subject area and scholarship.
  • Students are introduced to hypothesis generation and problem-framing in the field, as well as tools in that discipline.
  • Students complete a group project.

Examples of Inquiry-based First-Year Experience Course Titles:

  • Exploring Self-Expression via Freedom of Speech
  • Conducting Business-Focused Empirical Research
  • The Scientific Method Applied: What we learn from (Mis)translations in the Popular Press
  • Scholarship of Game Playing
  • Working with an Inter-Professional Team

Applications for teaching inquiry-based First-Year Experience courses are accepted in the spring for the following fall through Engage UT.