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Leadership Studies Application

To be a candidate for the Leadership Studies minor you must first complete this application and be approved by members of the Leadership Resource Team.

Student Name:   
UT ID Number:   
Local Phone:    
UT Mail Box Number:   
Off-Campus Address (if no UT Mail Box) 
Street:   Apt/Suite Number:  
City:   Zip:  
Please respond to the following questions. The committee is looking for information that will allow it to see you as a good candidate for the Leadership Studies minor. Answer accordingly.
What is your current definition of a good leader?
In what ways do you believe the leadership studies minor will support/complement what you are learning in your major(s)?
Please list three learning goals you hope to achieve through completion of the minor. What aspects of the program do you believe will help you achieve these goals?
How do you believe successful completion of the leadership minor will prepare/ help you for life after UT?

 By checking this box, I verify that: 

  • I have read and understand the policies and rules for participation in the Leadership Studies minor.
  • I agree to the terms as disclosed in the UT catalog.
  • If accepted, I will enroll in LED 200 in the next semester in which I am eligible.
  • I give the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement permission to examine my academic, judicial and residence life files to validate my eligibility.
  • I may also withdraw from the minor at any time by notifying my advisor/mentor in writing.