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Bachelor of Arts in New Media Production

The Bachelor of Arts in New Media Production (NMP) major is an interdisciplinary program including courses in art, communication, information and technology management, music and writing. Courses are administered collaboratively by faculty in these departments.

The program focuses on designing and creating applications for interactive media, mobile platforms and the Internet for both commercial and artistic intent. NMP studies the associations between these areas in the context of academic scholarship, aesthetic exploration and technical research. After completing the required core courses, the students can choose to concentrate on a specific area and continue research in the field of their choice. This better prepares UT students for graduate school and/or the professional world.

Topics of Study

  • digital arts
  • history and theory of new media
  • visual literacy
  • digital imaging
  • writing for interactive media
  • Web design and production
  • recording and electronic music
  • programming
  • interactivity
  • physical computing

A minor in new media production is also offered.