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The club sports program promotes and develops the interests and skills of individuals in various sports and recreational activities. The program provides competitive, instructional and recreational activities for students, faculty and staff. It emphasizes the development of both leadership skills and a sense of community.

Below is the current list of active club sports:

Club Name  Primary Contact  Email Address 
Bodybuilding Zaynah Rodriguez
Bowling      Jeffrey Kurnick
Climbing Julia Staiano
Equestrian Ayla Terrusa
Field Hockey Kelly Reilly
Fishing Nick Greenberg
Flag Football Brendan Faas
Golf      Ryan Dell
Ice Hockey Carter Haines
Paintball Sal Corallo
Roller Hockey Josh McElwee
Men's Soccer Kimani Francis
Women's Soccer Haley Kueltzo
Tennis Micaela De Madalengoitia
Men's Volleyball Joe Schiff
Women's Volleyball Jenn Schneible

Students interested in forming a new club sport should view the New Club Sport Checklist and contact Eric Horth, coordinator of competitive sports, at (813) 257-3328 or